We skipped grocery shopping, saved money and didn’t starve

Save money_Depositphotos_Copyright jarin13

How did we do when Patrick and I skipped a week of grocery shopping? This blog post chronicles our financial and culinary success.

The surprising birth of a lasting love

Wedding photo cropped

Patrick and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. How did it all begin? I credit Jay Leno and the YMCA

In search of the perfect vanity plate

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I’m excited to have a new-er car, but even more excited about finding the perfect vanity plate for it. I considered many options and none of them were the right fit. Then I had an epiphany and I knew this was the right choice.

Floundering on the road to serenity

floundering on road to serenity_Pexels

I made a commitment to encounter more moments of letting go, secure in the knowledge I don’t have to try to control everything. How did I do? There were challenges, but I have hope I’m on the road to lasting change.

How to ace your physical exam

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How do I cram for my physical exam to ensure passing? Read this humorous rendition of how to breeze through this once a year ritual.

How to Write and Share Humor comes to Bangor as part of world tour

A Pine tree state welcome

When Donna Cavanagh announced that all royalties from her book “How to Write and Share Humor” would go to support Humor Outcasts, she didn’t foresee the launching of a world book tour. Shallow Reflections recounts the book’s fun stop in Bangor, Maine.

Business reacts swiftly to restrain employees

Rows of office workers

A fake news story from The Onion prompted some ideas of my own as a follow up. What would happen if workers stood at their desks, walked out and never returned?

Summer time and the livin’ is queasy?


This hilarious story is about going for a leisurely walk on a hot day, and being chased by some unwanted ‘guests.’ This extreme workout didn’t result in a full blown heat stroke but we definitely had a queasy feeling when we finally escaped the vicious assailants.

Do you dare to dream small?

Small Boy Playing

Bucket lists are fashionable, with people grasping to fulfill lifelong dreams. I don’t know about you, but I am intimidated by some of these lists that look like a ‘to do’ list for overachievers. And comparing my aspirations with these dynamos makes me feel pathetic. Not one to tarry in shame and humiliation, I have […]

Remembering Aunt Amber’s lesson on forgiveness


My Aunt Amber taught me a great deal about being independent, tough, resilient and kind. And one of the best lessons she taught me came through an experience I had with her African violet. Growing up on a farm meant not much time or money for vacations, so it was momentous when Dad declared he’d […]