Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ready to toss your floss? First, count the cost

Closeup on young woman holding dental floss

My belief in 9 out of 10 dentists has been shaken. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up floss.

Rise and shine, it is potato picking time!

Picking potatoes in color

It’s my birthday and I’m thinking about my roots today, which includes picking root vegetables in Aroostook County.

7 Safe indoor hikes because ticks and mosquitoes suck

Indoor hikes_Depositphotos_Copyright:	Dirima-2015

Something happened that heightened my fear of insect borne diseases and drove me to plan safe, indoor recreation. I’m sure you will agree these are ideas that can keep you moving in the safety of the great indoors.

Taking stock of my underperforming metabolism

Piggy bank, white background

While others my have concerns about shrinking portfolios, I am facing a personal disaster that has more to do with inflation: I have an underperforming metabolism.