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The creepy clown incident – guest post by John R. Cobb


Have you heard about the creepy clown sightings across the country? Here is a scary guest post from John R. Cobb with a story you won’t soon forget!

7 More real things to fear this Halloween

dog driving car_with edits_Pixabay

Move over ghosts and goblins. In this follow up Halloween post I outline seven more things from everyday life that scare me.

9 Unique cures for life’s most constipating moments


With the glut of cures for constipation on the market, don’t you think there should be specialized pills to cure this gut-wrenching affliction?

A lighthearted view of serving on jury duty

Jury duty_Depositphotos_Copyright:	dizanna

Shallow reflections goes undercover with this story about jury duty. She knows what she is talking about since this is how she spent her summer vacation. Almost.