Changing the world one nap at a time

We all know how important it is to rest as we race through our frantic, over-extended lives. God felt so strongly about it he made it a commandment. I believe he knew that tired people would be more likely to break other commandments, e.g. murdering, taking his name in vain, and worshipping false gods like Doritos, Chardonnay and Facebook.

How much more can we enhance fruits of the spirit like love, kindness, and gentleness by taking a time out?

Let’s change the world for the better by getting rested up, one nap at a time.

Photo courtesy Pixabay

Photo courtesy Pixabay

Making a plan

I found that making a plan to sail to the land of Nod was as daunting as plotting the coordinates for a trip across the Atlantic. Since I’ve had some success integrating exercise into my daily routine, I wondered if I could apply the same approach to seizing Z’s.

I remember the last time I parked at Walmart, and got 30 minutes of aerobic exercise looking for the car.  Even though I knew this was a great alternative to the gym, I was tired. So it’s possible probable definite I broke a commandment about 10 minutes into my workout. Inspired by this shameful memory and taking the lead of children, I have set sail to navigate napping in everyday life.

If 2 grandsons can sleep in this position, I should be able to sleep anywhere

If 2 grandsons can sleep in this position, I should be able to sleep anywhere

Navigating napping in everyday life
When you fly solo, you don’t want to find yourself at 30,000 feet drooling on the shoulder of a stranger, so I suggest using your comfy seat tray.
This option saved me from being murdered by my seat mate

This option saved me from being murdered by my seat mate

Hair Salon
You’re already relaxed from having someone else wash your hair and massage your scalp, so the logical next step is to take a nap while processing. As long as your hairdresser stays awake everything will turn out just fine.
Beauty sleep

Beauty sleep

What better time to catch a snooze than when you are stretched out in the dentist chair? They lean you back, shine that warm, intense light on you so it’s a lot like being at the beach. If that doesn’t do the trick, the drone of drills will clinch a visit from the Sandman.

Photo courtesy Pixabay

Drying your hair
I know I shouldn’t do it and the user manual warned me about the risks, but I still get some extra sleep while I dry my hair. I think the fear factor actually triggers a fainting spell.

Danger doze

Danger doze

Acupuncture Treatment
Let your free-flowing energy float you down the tranquil stream of unconsciousness, while you have dozens of tiny needles imbedded in your skin.

Oooooohhhhhmmmm. Namaste

If you aren’t comfortable with any of my suggestions check out “Google Naps.” This is a crowd-sourced Google Maps-based site that lays out the best places around the world for you to lay down. We are on the cutting edge of a world-wide ‘stop’ movement.

How can you incorporate naps into your busy lifestyle and where are your favorite locations?
Molly Stevens

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Molly Stevens arrived late to the writing desk but is forever grateful her second act took this direction instead of adult tricycle racing or hoarding cats. She was raised on a potato farm in northern Maine, where she wore a snowsuit over both her Halloween costume and her Easter dress.