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Six practical tips for exhausted parents

Parents are getting burned out these days with children and babies awake at all hours, making uninterrupted sleep a bygone memory. There is a lot of professional advice for parents about how to stave off fatigue. But my family and friends tell me they have abandoned the experts, and are living in a state of sleep-deprived despair. How can these desperate […]

We told Zoe’s story and here is what happened next

Immediately following the death of our dog, Zoe, we took respite at a local restaurant. We couldn’t bear to face the emptiness of our dog-less home. We weren’t hungry, and reassured the server that our tears and poor intake were not from dissatisfaction with the food. She said she had recently made the gut-wrenching decision to re-home her dog, and understood our […]

A pet owner’s most dreadful day

Despite good times with friends and family this holiday season, there was an undercurrent of sadness and anxiety when we thought about our dog, Zoe. We knew a pet owner’s most dreadful day was approaching. We postponed the inevitable doing things we said we’d never do, e.g. putting her in diapers and pretending it was a normal […]

11 Talking points for Thanksgiving dinner

This month families will gather all over America to enjoy quality time, and share a marathon Thanksgiving dinner. Can this be overwhelming, with potentially awkward moments? How do you keep conversation flowing as smooth as the gravy?

What Else is on the Chopping Block this Thanksgiving?

Shocking exclusive shallow investigative report:   Thanksgiving is in jeopardy of losing its status as a holiday. According to unreliable sources (my own imagination) there was trouble when the Boss of All Holidays did an annual performance review of Thanksgiving. Here is the Boss’s evaluation obtained from an informant who had big enough brussel sprouts […]