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Weight loss tips to tame your inner glutton

I blamed outside influences for my weight gain. I had to face the truth before I could come up with a weight loss strategy. I am a volume eater. Can you relate? Have I got some tips for you!

Let’s wage war on incontinence: join #pantylinernation

Coughing uncontrollably from a recent upper respiratory infection inspired me to start a movement to wage war on incontinence. This is your invitation to join the efforts by becoming part of #pantylinernation.

9 Unique cures for life’s most constipating moments

With the glut of cures for constipation on the market, don’t you think there should be specialized pills to cure this gut-wrenching affliction?

How to ace your physical exam

How do I cram for my physical exam to ensure passing? Read this humorous rendition of how to breeze through this once a year ritual.

How I Suck at Calling in Sick

When I was little girl I didn’t like to go to school. I liked it once I got there, but I was very attached to my mother and had separation issues. In retrospect I wish home schooling had been popular back then as I would have been a perfect candidate for it. But my poor mother […]

Exercise! It’s Not as Hard as You Think……

It is January, and that can only mean one thing. Overcrowded gyms filled with people executing New Year’s Resolutions, sweating through short-lived exercise programs. We all know exercise is important to our health, but it is difficult to sustain consistency. In the midst of all this pressure, there is an appalling health warning that ‘sitting is the new smoking.’ This […]

12 Christmas Gifts for What Ails Us

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? Tired of buying ties, electronics and cheap plastic stuff for people who have everything? One evening while watching a Christmas commercial followed by a drug commercial, ten of my remaining brain cells leaped like lords. What if we bought Christmas presents for what ails us? This would create a whole […]