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A view of ‘Gift of the Magi’ through cataracts

This is remake of a familiar story featuring the fictitious couple, Opal and Henry Wiseman. They are senior citizens excited about spending their 2017 social security raise to make each other happy at Christmas time. But as in the original story their plans take an ironic twist.

Ready to toss your floss? First, count the cost

My belief in 9 out of 10 dentists has been shaken. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up floss.

Rise and shine, it is potato picking time!

It’s my birthday and I’m thinking about my roots today, which includes picking root vegetables in Aroostook County.

Taking stock of my underperforming metabolism

While others my have concerns about shrinking portfolios, I am facing a personal disaster that has more to do with inflation: I have an underperforming metabolism.

We skipped grocery shopping, saved money and didn’t starve

How did we do when Patrick and I skipped a week of grocery shopping? This blog post chronicles our financial and culinary success.

In search of the perfect vanity plate

I’m excited to have a new-er car, but even more excited about finding the perfect vanity plate for it. I considered many options and none of them were the right fit. Then I had an epiphany and I knew this was the right choice.

On ‘National Nurses Day,’ thank a nurse

You know what is hard about choosing to become a registered nurse? Society assumes you chose the occupation to help people. But then stereotypes your noble profession as a contradiction between a sex symbol and a deranged killer. In real life, there are as many reasons to go into the nursing profession, as there are […]

The surprising truth about consuming high risk foods

Earlier this year I did something that made me wonder if I had lost my sense of culinary adventure. I don’t mean raw, oysters-on the-half-shell-type culinary adventure. What I’m referring to is surrendering to full-fledged FEAR: Forsaking Edibles to Avoid Risk. Here’s what happened. On January 10th, I found an unopened Chobani Greek yogurt in the back of the refrigerator […]

Seven Real Things to Fear on Halloween

It’s that time of year when parents are stressing over Halloween costumes for their little demons, hoping they will come up with something original. And Halloween candy has been decomposing on store shelves for months. Just kidding. Candy can’t decompose because it’s embalmed with chemical preservatives. Anyway, it is also the time of year to […]

Is It Wrong To Swear When Baking for Church Pie Sale?

For our annual church pie sale, I usually keep it simple and use convenient pie crusts that unfold from a box, loading them up with sweet, stress-free fillings. But one lovely summer evening after a satisfying day at the office, I announced I was going to make lemon meringue pies from scratch.  Patrick pointed out that […]