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We skipped grocery shopping, saved money and didn’t starve

How did we do when Patrick and I skipped a week of grocery shopping? This blog post chronicles our financial and culinary success.

How do you judge a grocery cart? Take this quiz to find out!

Remember the hilarious movie “Date Night” when Claire (Tina Fey) and Phil (Steve Carrell) go out to a restaurant and analyze other couples’ actions, playing a game called, “What’s Their Story?” I have to confess something. I do this when I grocery shop. I examine the contents of people’s grocery carts, and make up possible scenarios […]

Do you suffer from decision fatigue?

Do you have trouble with the multitude of decisions involved in carrying carry out mundane activities? Like grocery shopping? Here is how a typical trip to the grocery store evolves for me. Before I leave home I choose the week’s menu, make an organized list of the items I need to create these culinary delights, and skip off to […]